Looking for a team where your voice is heard and your value recognized?

Bravium is a collection of enthusiastic consulting and technology professionals dedicated to delivering the best outcomes for our clients, helping each other do the best job possible, and empowering every member of our team to grow and thrive.

We are inclusive, collaborative, and always growing. We welcome diverse perspectives and great ideas to solve our clients’ complex challenges, execute projects, and deliver innovative solutions.

Our teams are empowered with open communication, meaningful connections, and responsive leadership – plus a supportive environment where you can learn new skills, develop your potential, and grow your career.

Great senior management. Supportive and professional.

- Senior Consultant, Program Management

Bravium’s Topgrading Approach

Bravium utilizes the Topgrading approach for hiring which is a highly selective interview methodology that enables us to identify and select top performers. This comprehensive hiring process allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of a candidate’s experience, professional background, technical skills, and personality.

What to Expect

The candidate will go through multiple interviews consisting of an initial 30-minute high-level phone screen, a 60-minute video or in-person technical interview, and the final Topgrading interview which may last upwards of 3 hours. During the Topgrading interview, the candidate will be asked a series of questions about their entire educational and professional career history. Areas of focus will be the candidate’s successes, mistakes, strengths, weaknesses, and key relationships they have had throughout their career. Following the Topgrading interview, the candidate will be expected to arrange reference calls with at least 3 former supervisors.

There are no right or wrong answers in the Topgrading interview and the goal is for us to better understand who the candidate is as a person and what would make them successful in our organization.

Topgrading Benefits

Topgrading’s thorough interview process allows for Bravium to grow our company with the finest talent and the brightest minds. If you believe Bravium is the place for you, we encourage you to apply here!