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We’re excited to announce that BPE (Best Practice Engine) 3.5 has been released with features including:


  • Platform Manager Dashboard – Introducing a new dashboard with metrics, graphs, and a brand-new role. Users with the x_brni_bpe.platform_manager role can manage their organization’s instance on a platform wide to monitor the impact of their teams.
  • Properties Page – A new properties page has been added to make adjusting your Bravium Labs product settings easier than ever. Admins can adjust instance settings in a new graphical interface.
  • Exception Approval Improvements – Team Leads can now approve exceptions directly on the dashboard rather than having to navigate to the backend. Developers can view the details of their submitted exception reasons.
  • Agile 2.0 Integration – users in production can now create tasks out of violations found in either a development or production environment, allowing for efficient assignment of tasks. 
  • Update Set Daily Scans – with new daily scans, users can view a running list of update set violations and metrics on individual update sets for key insights into a new aspect of their development process.


It is now available on the ServiceNow store. To learn more, please visit