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We’re excited to announce that BPE (Best Practice Engine) 3.4 has been released with features including:


  • Definition Sync* – BPE admins can now sync custom and overridden OOB definitions across all instances.
  • Exception Process Improvements* – exceptions can now be viewed across all instances. Any changes made to exceptions can be synced from development to production instances and approved by the production team in real-time.
  • Increased Developers on Team Lead dashboard – team leads can now select up to 20 developers on their dashboards for an expanded look at large dev teams. Also added is a select all/deselect all option for easy navigation.
  • Dashboard Preferences – dashboard preferences are now automatically saved giving way to immediate access to the data that matters the most when returning to the dashboard.

* Configuration will be required to apply both exception process improvements and definition sync, refer to our User Guide (link) for a step-by-step process


It is now available on the ServiceNow store. To learn more, please visit