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We’re excited to announce that BPE (Best Practice Engine) 3.0 has been released with features including:


  • Delta Scans. Scheduled instance scanning now analyzes and scans only records that have changed.  Note, the initial scan will be a complete scan.
  • Real-Time Performance. Open large scripts quickly and dive right in while the record is scanned asynchronously.
  • Definition Synchronization. Bravium’s  bundle of definitions now have Sys ID’s that are synchronized across all environments. Demo Data has been retired.
  • Definition Overrides. Easily update an OOB definition and revert to OOB if ever needed.
  • Dashboard Enhancements. Minor updates to for currency and date format.  New heat chart for Developers that displays the violations by impact to instance.


It is now available on the ServiceNow store. To learn more, please visit